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Long Island and the Bahamas the climate

The weather and climate in the islands of Bahamas

The long description......
Most of the Bahamas has sunshine approximately 310 days per year, averaging 8 hours per day, this is usually more in the summer, and less in the winter.
The Bahamas has a tropical maritime climate, which makes for generally year-round good weather.
The Bahamas does not experience extremes of temperatures.
In centrally situated New Providence, winter temperatures seldom fall much below 60F degrees and usually reach about 75F degrees in the day.
In summer, temperatures usually fall to 78F degrees or less at night and seldom rise above 90F degrees during the day.
There are two seasons: summer which is from May thru September and winter which is from October thru April.
A Long Island winter is usually the equivalent of summer in Tenerife (Spain).
Though during the summer the days tend to get hot and steamy, and the winters are somewhat drier and cooler.
Average temperatures range from 84 deg. F during the summer and 75 deg. F in the winter.
Of course a shorter, more accurate description for the Bahamas climate would be...... Perfect.

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