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Long Island to get a brand new leisure marina and golf resort.

Port St George, Bahamas.
This resort is designed as an up-scale residential, tourist development with a full service Marina, Championship golf course and first class amenities and leisure facilities.

The Port St George project is a unique investment opportunity to buy investment property off-plan, at hugely discounted pre construction prices.
The location chosen for this development is Long Island, in the southern Bahamas, which is regarded by many as one of the most stunning of the Family, or Out Islands.
Long Island is a land of contrasts with pristine Caribbean beaches and rugged Atlantic coast line, clear blue waters and the most hospitable of locals.

Designed as an upscale resort and residential community on Long Island.
Providing the ultimate in tropical island life-style together with first class amenities and leisure facilities, including an 18 hole golf course, boutique hotel, spa and beach club.

The design team (EDSA, Ft Lauderdale, Florida) are currently working on finalised lot release drawings.
Home-sites are due to be released late 2008, these building lots are to include,

Ocean Front residential lots
Golf residential lots
Lake side residential lots
Marina front single family lots
and Marina front Multi-Family residential lots

To receive further details of individual marina, golf and lake-side properties Click here to send email.
Zero import duty for Long Island.
From July 1st 2008 the import of construction materials used for the construction of all new housing will be excise tax and import duty free.
June 20th 2008. Approval granted for the Port St George marina and golf resort. Full government approval has been received for the development.
A little more about Long Island.
Long Island is home to long forgotten hideaways, natural harbors, secluded beaches and unbelievable contrasting coastlines of of clear, blue water. This lovely island is a nature lover's paradise preserved in its original pristine setting.
The Port St George development on Long Island represents the first real investment opportunity on this stunning and still largely untouched island. Seeking to follow the successful model of surrounding islands, the developer's master plan includes a world class marina, championship golf course, five star hotels and spa.

The Bahamas, buying and investing in property.
The Bahamas is a stable, democratic country, with a parliamentary system based on the British system. The Bahamas gained its independence from Britain in 1973.
Although the Bahamas has a well established tourist industry, it is considered underdeveloped by many as it has primarily been focused on US visitors only. The Bahamas are now opening the islands up to the rest of the world, making this a great place for investors.

Owning a property in the Bahamas has long been a dream for most people, but you can discover that owning real estate on the islands can easily become a reality, here, you can own your own investment property here for less money than you ever imagined.
The Bahamas are famous throughout the world for their stunning white beaches, incredibly clear seas and a truly outstanding climate.

Real estate in the Bahamas fits in perfectly with luxurious living, while buying a property, or properties in the Bahamas guarantees a unique opportunity to own viable and usable vacation homes. Whether you purchase a property in the Bahamas as a home, a holiday home or as investment properties, you will see some great results. The Bahamas are a favourite tourist destination and offer some highly lucrative buy to let opportunities in the most beautiful settings the world has to offer.
The country's open economic policy has drawn capital from around the world, the real estate market is very hot. Bahamas property has become of great interest to investors and a haven for those wanting to own private homes surrounded by the wonders of nature.
Bahamian Realtors see no end in sight to the increasing demand for Bahamas property.
In 1993, the Bahamas government passed a law which encourages non Bahamians to acquire real estate on the islands. It also allows property owners and their dependents to apply for an annual resident card or permanent residency. It is now easier than ever to own your own property on these tropical islands.
Prior Government approval is not required for non Bahamians who want to purchase residential properties of less than five acres, although they are required to be registered with the Investments Board and the Central Bank.
Another option is to buy property directly at a development. On the island of Long Island for example, see
for some truly luxury properties on the resort.
As the world's premier tax haven, the Bahamas offers the perfect investment opportunity as there is no personal, corporate, income, capital gains, estate, gift or inheritance taxes what-so-ever.
As you enjoy the benefits of a vacation home in The Bahamas, your investment will appreciate, and when you aren't basking in the sun yourself, you should consider renting out your Bahamas property.
The vacation rental market here is huge, as visitors flock to the islands every year in search of a little rest and relaxation. Luxury houses and condos generate top dollar for their owners. Lots of property managers are available to oversee the rental of properties. You are sure to feel right at home on the islands of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is indeed a paradise for investment. Offering unique advantages, freedom from taxation, democratic stability and investment incentives, and an infrastructure that encourages, supports and rewards international investment.

Exploring these islands by plane, boat or bicycle is an absolute joy. Here, you can enjoy a round of golf, a set of tennis, or a visit to any of the island's shopping arcades or casinos, and if that sounds too much like work, don't forget the old time favorite pass-time of relaxing on a beach, with a good book, a refreshing tropical drink and a close friend.

If our life-style sounds like your life-style, why not email us for further details..... see you on the beach.

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