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About Long Island
Less than 300 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and only 145 miles from Nassau is an island paradise named Long Island.
Long Island is a safe, clean and perfect hideaway with beautiful white beaches, clear aqua waters and a natural sea breeze.
The contrasting coastlines here make Long Island one of the most scenic Out Island destinations in the entire Bahamas.
The western coast has soft white sandy beaches and the eastern side falls down to the ocean with dramatic rocky cliffs
and private coves with hidden shell beaches.
No more than 4 miles wide, Long Island really lives up to its name.
The Queens Highway runs for almost 80 miles as it meanders through some 35 settlements and farming towns.
You are sure to find a small cafe or restaurant to take a break to eat delicious local dishes made from fresh fish and conch.
The northern end of the island has sea cliffs unique in the Bahamas. Columbus named the island's northern tip Cape Santa Maria,
to honor one of his ships. The area has truly stunning beaches, in fact Cape Santa Maria has one of the world's top ten beaches.
Columbus Point offers tremendous views of the protected harbour Columbus sailed into.
Stella Maris is another major resort area on Long Island; it is located next to the Port St George development.
Visitors headed to Port St George can fly into Stella Maris International Airport.